Mediation services are provided by Felicia Soleil for cases involving parties who are not represented by individual attorneys and who are looking for a neutral professional. Dialogue focuses on reaching a non-adversarial settlement of all issues in a well-managed setting. Mediation is an ideal option for separating or divorcing parties who are willing to be open-minded as they are encouraged to explore various options for resolving their issues related to property and debt distribution, creating a parenting plan, determining child support, and exploring spousal maintenance. Felicia does not provide legal representation to either party when serving as a mediator; however, she draws on her 20 years of experience in family law to help guide the parties toward reaching agreement on all issues that are important to the restructuring of their family and the redefining of their relationship moving forward.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that offers parties a method of resolving their disputes without going to court. Mediation provides a less formal and more expeditious way of reaching a resolution, and is always significantly less expensive than litigation. Mediation may be initiated as a voluntary process between the parties, or it may be utilized in conjunction with settlement negotiations when both parties are represented by counsel. Unlike litigation, mediation is confidential, and assists the parties in resolving the dispute by providing a forum of education, conflict coaching and facilitated negotiation.

Mediation Services in Pierce and Kitsap Counties, Washington

If you are seeking a divorce or are involved in a family law dispute, mediation may offer a faster, less expensive, and ultimately more successful resolution. To discuss your family law matter with an experienced mediator, please call Family Law Resolutions at (253) 853-6940 to schedule a confidential consultation.