Legal Coaching and Consulting

If you need support representing yourself in a DIY divorce, or while considering full representation by a lawyer, Legal Coaching and Consulting may be the answer.  These pay-as-you-go services provide you with assistance in filling out confusing paperwork, learning when, where, and how to file your case and see it through to conclusion, coaching on how to separate from your spouse, how to negotiate ground rules and boundaries, how to reach agreements, and help with managing conflict. I also provide coaching on how to represent yourself in court.

Legal coaching may also include calculating chid support while educating you about the state's support guidelines and statutory requirements for child support orders, as well as creative ideas for completing mandatory parenting plans to fit your familiy's needs. Options for reaching financial solutions may also be discussed including, what to do with your house, how to split bank accounts and expenses, how retirement assets can be divided without taxes and penalties. and how to address business ownership.

Consulting and coaching can occur on an as-needed basis, or as a series of pre-arranged sessions with a specific strategy in mind. Fees are based solely on time spent in session and paid at the end of each session so there is no advanced fee deposit required, nor any billing, allowing you to obtain the legal assistance that your budget can afford.