Family Law Overview

At Family Law Resolutions, we take seriously the legal and emotional impact that family law matters have on you and your loved ones. Representing clients in Pierce and Kitsap counties, we provide comprehensive representation in the following areas:


Felicia provides supportive guidance throughout the entire divorce process, ensuring that her clients' interests are protected. Every divorce presents a unique set of facts and issues. She and her staff will listen to your concerns and help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family regarding the various issues that accompany the ending of a relationship. Read More

Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Nothing in a divorce is more difficult or complex than the issues of child custody and visitation. Whether through legal representation or mediation, Felicia helps parents develop workable residential schedules and parenting plans that meet their children's needs, and fit the family's' unique goals and objectives.

Child & Spousal Support

In many cases of divorce, one of the spouses will be ordered by the court to pay child support or provide financial assistance to the other spouse. Felicia helps families establish an arrangement that meets the needs of both the parents and children.


Even years after a marriage has ended, events may transpire that affect the terms of a child-related agreement. When circumstances significantly change, a party can petition for a modification to their parenting plan or child support orders. If your original agreement no longer reflects your current circumstances, Felicia can help you seek an amendment.

Mediation & Collaborative Process

Felicia believes that amicable divorce, achieved through well-prepared mediation or the collaborative process allows separating families to resolve issues in a financially and emotionally beneficial manner. Whenever possible, she works with clients to achieve a favorable divorce agreement without the stress, time, and cost of litigation. Please see her mediation and collaborative divorce pages for additional information about these important areas of her practice.

Seek Experienced, Dedicated Representation

If you are considering divorce or face another legal matter involving family relationships, please call Family Law Resolutions at (253) 853-6940 to schedule a confidential consultation.